Thursday, May 24, 2012

Folk Art Museum

Last year I got a chance to visit the Folk Art Museum in New York City.  They had a wonderful quilt exhibit.  Here are some of the quilts.

This picture and a number of the next ones are of the 911 quilt. 

I positively loved this quilt!  A close up of the center is below.

Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Second Time Around Challenge

Last year I participated in the Second Time Around Challenge at the Kutztown Heart and Home Quilters' Guild.  Pat Christ not only came up with the idea, but donated pieces of an antique wedding ring for each of us to use.  We could use that piece either in it's entirety or use parts of it however we decided.

I decided to make a vase of flowers based on Lori Smith's pattern Garden Path from her Fat Quarter Quilting Book.  I changed it up a bit in order to fit the challenge.  I used half of the wedding ring arch as a doily on a table and then used the other pieces to make a dresden plate flower and a hexagon bud.  I wanted to represent some quilt blocks from the same time period.  I also added a ruched flower and a folded rosebud.

Below are pictures of the others that were entered in the challenge.

If you like antique quilts and would like to learn more about the collections of Pat & Arlan Christ you can check out their website here.

Until next time.

Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Club Block Box

Last year one of our Club members, Pat Christ came up with a great idea for the members to do for one year.  We had to choose a background, light, medium and dark fabric and an accent.  We put them in a box and the box was passed around to each member.  We all needed to choose a block pattern of our choice and then make that block for each person using their material.  Our blocks were to be a secret until they were revealed at Pat's house for our club picnic.  She arranged everyone's blocks on design walls so that we could see everyone's blocks together.
This is the block pattern that I chose for eveyone's  fabric.  Mine is the one in the lower right hand corner.

I'm sorry that these pictures aren't  clearer, but you get the idea.

Our goal for this year is to have our blocks sewn into a quilt top by our August picnic.  Wish me luck getting it together!

Happy Sewing,

Monday, May 21, 2012

August Show & Tell

I know that I am backtracking a bit and that this post is long overdue.  I hope to get a little more active in my postings.  I have so many things to share from the end of last year yet, that I had best get going before I am at the end of this year!
Ok!  Enough of that, on with the show!

What a wonderful purse!  Please forgive me for forgetting who made this.  It has been a while.

Stacey made this great quilt to donate to the kids.

Janie has been very busy again.  She made this very cute wall hanging, change purse, journal cover, dress and many more journal covers.

Great job everyone!

Until next time.

Happy Sewing,