Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Sewing Room

I'm back!  I have been doing a fair amount of traveling with my hubby and have finally finished setting up my sewing room.  I am loving it.  It is small, but functional.  I got a number of bins at Ikea for my fabric.  I like that they a smaller for me to handle and easier to see what I have.  Back in Hamburg, I had my stash just folded on shelves, but the piles were way too high!  I would pull something out and something else would come along with it, or I would pull part of the pile down!  Yikes!  This works for me.  I have my fabric separated by color and I also have future projects and ufo's in them too.  The shelves are also from Ikea.  They are height adjustable which is good.  The smaller plastic boxes that I have, I got from various places, but they hold my scraps separated by color.  I tend to go to my scrap boxes first when I need something, especially since a lot of my projects are scrappy.

I have a small pressing area set up on the shelves, but I do have a regular ironing board for larger pieces.  I would like to get a board and have it cut to size of the top shelf and cover it to make my own custom ironing board.  This would work for most of my pressing needs without having to get the ironing board out.

My sewing table is also Ikea and has adjustable legs.  Since I am shorter, I prefer to be able to make my sewing surface lower than the standard height of sewing tables.  My computer table is also Ikea, but with standard legs.  I like that you can choose whatever table top you like and combine it with the legs that you need.  I have no association with Ikea except that I love a lot of their systems!  I used mainly Ikea when I had the shop!

My cutting table is located right outside my sewing room.  Again, it is from Ikea and I have the adjustable legs on it.  Just the perfect height for cutting.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my sewing room!  Time to go sew!

Happy Sewing,