Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Quilts

I just love little quilts. Little quilts are actually doable for me to finish. I like that you can try many different designs and use many different fabrics and be able to complete them and enjoy them in a shorter amount of time. They are great for hanging on the wall, using as a centerpiece on your tables, even decorate on the back of a chair. If you have a daughter or granddaughter, they make great doll quilts. You can also use them for a small quilt for a toddler to use as their lovey!

Janie brought in some little quilts to share and I just love them!

These first quilts are made from my pattern Starry Nine Patch!
I just love them made in reproduction fabrics!

These quilts were made using the disappearing nine patch pattern. If you click on this link you will see a tutorial on making this pattern from Quilts & ATC Blog:

This placemat pattern is Slice 'em & Dice 'em from Willow Creek Quilts.

Great job Janie! They are just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you will do next!

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  1. I agree about the joys of little quilts AND I can actually quilt them myself (often by hand...which I love to do).