Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Quilts

I made a wall hanging for Zlaty's baby shower in November  and finished the quilt for my Granddaughter after she was born.  For the wall hanging, I used Zlaty & Scot's favorite colors for the Mommy & Daddy bears and then combined the two for the baby bear.  For the quilt, I used a pattern from Possibilities and added my own border to it.  I also made the Sunbonnet Sue half the size of the original, so that I could keep the quilt smaller.  I hope that Veronica will always treasure the quilt that her Grammy made her.


  1. I love the wallhanger and the Quilt.........and I'm so sad, that I need to work now so bad hours, that I can't shop @ your nice shop Think that Veronica will love your work and will honor it
    Hugs Gunda

  2. Thank you so much Grammy for the quilts! We all love the quilts and I am sure Veronica will always treasure them! You were very creative in the use of the fabric for the bear quilt and I love 1930's and the colors fit perfectly in Veronica's room. Thank you so much!