Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quilt Odyssey Show

Last post I talked about the challenge that we did for our booth in Hershey.  In this one, I would like to share some of the quilts that were exhibited at the show.

Of course, there were so many more beautiful ones there.  The talent of some people is just amazing.  These pictures do not do the quilts justice.  The piecing, applique and quilting was exquisite.

There was also a fantastic antique applique quilts exhibit from the private collection of Pat and Arlan Christ.  Those quilts were fabulous!  I love seeing antique quilts and wondering exactly what their history is and why their maker made that particular quilt.  It was amazing to see some of them in such pristine condition.  No fading, stains or signs of wear.  Those quilts must have been stored away for a special occasion.

I hope you enjoyed my mini online show.  You can see more pictures of some of the winning quilts from the past few years here.

Happy Sewing,

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