Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Singer 99-31

Last week my hubby brought up my Singer 99-31 sewing machine from the basement.  It had been stored for a number of years there.  I told him that I wasn't sure what shape it was in since it had gotten wet at one time.  The cover is not real good, but the machine looked great!  The rubber belt was drying out and it slipped when we tried it.  So that afternoon we replaced the belt and got it cleaned up and oiled.  It runs beautifully!  I am so excited!  It's like having a new machine!

This sewing machine had originally belonged to my MIL.  She didn't do much sewing, so it was in very good condition.  When I first got married, I used this for all of my sewing.  I even made my hubby a suit!  After hubby got me a new sewing machine,  I gave this machine to my Mom.  She had it for years and when she moved in with me, it came with her.  I actually had forgotten about it until hubby brought it upstairs.  I am so glad he did!

I have mainly been playing with it and getting my quarter inch seam set up so that it is ready for a project.  I can't wait to really sew something with it!  I think I may try one of Bonnie K. Hunter's patterns from Quiltville . Since she sews almost everything on vintage machines, it would be the perfect project.

As I sit at this machine, I am enjoying many wonderful memories.  It somehow makes me feel an even stronger tie to both my MIL and my Mom.

Wishing you many wonderful sewing memories!

Happy Sewing,

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