Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Club Christmas Meeting

Today ended another Club year. It was a fun year with much show & tell, sharing stories, laughter and eating! Today we had a Christmas celebration. I even baked cookies! Well, at least I baked them in my oven, I just didn't mix them up from scratch! Isn't it great to be able to buy cookies that you just break apart and then bake them! :-) There was a time, I used to bake from scratch all the time, but now time is at a premium and I go for simpler methods. I did get creative though and actually sprinkled cinnamon on the sugar cookies! :-)
I'm not sure what the club will be next year, but I will keep you posted. Meanwhile we will meet same time, the 2nd Wed. of the month. Thank you for your support through the year! You guys are great!
Hope to see you in January!

Notice the beautiful scarves knitted by Mary Alice for both her and her sister Eleanor. They are beautiful!

It looks like someone told a funny story!

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  1. The scarves are just lovely! Looking forward the club project you will pick for next year!

    Happy sewing!