Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Orange Crush Quilt

I have been following Bonnie Hunter's website and blog for a while. I am hooked on her patterns. She is so talented and makes the best scrappy quilts! I just finished her Orange Crush pattern and thought that I would share a picture of it. The quilt pattern made a much larger quilt, but I decided that I would do one for my kitchen table for fall. I had figured out how many blocks to do and then the border, so that it would just hang over the edge of the table a few inches. I finished piecing the blocks and sewing them together and then decided on my best approach for the borders. As I looked at it, I thought why not make the border strips the same size as the cornerstones that I made for the corners of the borders. However, I forgot about adding extra for hanging over the sides of the table. Yes, you guessed it. I sewed it, then quilted everything and not until I tried it on my table, did it dawn on me what I had done. Well, all I can say is that I either have a wonderful extra large table runner :-) or I can use it as a wall hanging or throw for the fall season. It's still beautiful to me and I love it!
Bonnie offers many wonderful free patterns on her website. Be sure to check them out! Thanks Bonnie!

Here is a close up of a quilting pattern that I used from my favorite embroidery site.
Here is my quilt on the table, but no hangover!


  1. I love you orange and crush quilt! I think it will be lovely wall hanging! :))

    The embroidery is just lovely and the pictures don't do a justice to this quilt! I like even the back side of it!

  2. This is the prettiest orange crush quilt I've seen. Gorgeous!

  3. Wow, your Orange Crush quilt turned out beautiful. I love Bonnie's free patterns too. If only there is enough hours in the day to make them all. LOL