Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bloc_Loc Rulers

I love trying new notions.  Anything to help make my sewing easier or more accurate.  I have been making a lot of half-triangle square units right now.  I thought that I would use my Bloc_Loc ruler to square them up.  I bought this a year or so ago and only used it just recently.  I really, really like it!

There is a groove on the underside of the ruler that you butt next to the fold of your seam on your half-triangle square block.  (You must press your seam to one side in order for this to work.)  The great thing is that the ruler doesn't move to the side so that it your cut is accurate.

I needed to trim these down to 1 1/4".  I made sure that the 1 1/4" markings were inside the edges of the block and trimmed 2 sides.

 Then I lined up the 1 1/4' lines on the two sides that I had cut and trimmed the last two sides.

Perfect 1 1/4" squares!  As much as I don't want to spend more money on extra rulers, this one is well worth it.

I also have their flying geese ruler, which I have not tried yet.  You can find more info on their rulers and videos about them here.  They have a lot of different rulers available.

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