Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Small Sewing Table

I needed a small table to use my Singer Featherweight on.  It had to fit between a pole and my large sewing table and I needed to be able to get into my set of drawers that I have under my large table.  I had been using a tv tray table, which was not very sturdy at all.  I worried that my featherweight would wind up on the floor!

I remembered a couple of my friends getting small tables for pressing at retreat.  I did some research and found some online.  The table is a Lifetime table and it is called a 26" Personal Folding Table.  It is 18" x 26" and is the perfect size for my space!  It is sturdy and adjusts to 3 heights.  My featherweight fits on it perfectly even with it's surround table.

I have sewn a number of blocks on it and there is no wobbling!   I am a very happy camper!

There are Lifetime tables available in many sizes.  I have a 4 foot one which I really like too.  My friends got the one that was 20" x 30" which would also be great for sewing.  I would have liked that, but it never would have worked in the space that I had available to me.  I ordered mine from Amazon and received it very quickly.

If you are looking for an inexpensive table for sewing, crafts, or as a desk, this is perfect.

Happy Sewing,

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