Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lap App

While I was working on my Happy Days BOM by Sarah Fielke, I saw that she had posted about using a Lap App for applique.  I had never heard of it.  I did a little research online and decided to get one.

I love it!  It is made from wood and is adjustable both in height and angle.  It comes with a piece of sandpaper attached to the top for ease in tracing your shapes on to your fabric for applique.  The padded fabric cover has a pocket to put your scissors into or whatever you prefer.  It also comes with an ironing cover.  On the base there are three posts perfect for holding your thread, and a small magnet to hold your needle.  

It is comfortable to use and works so well for applique.  I think that it would also work well for english paper piecing or anything else that you are more comfortable resting your arms on.  I bought mine on Amazon through the Lap App company, but there are other places available.  Sarah Fielke also sells them on her website here.  You just need to do a search and you will find them.

Happy Sewing,

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