Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

I have a lot of projects happening right now.  I shared with you my fan quilt and the mariner compass.  I also started Bonnie K. Hunter's mystery - Grand Illusion in November.  You can find more info here.  I love everything that Bonnie does.  If you haven't been to her site, please check it out!  All of her quilts are scrappy and she has an abundance of free patterns, tips, recipes and more on her site.

This is my Clue #1 finished.  Most people have finished their quilts.  However, not me.  I am using similar colors to the suggested colors, except mine are reproduction prints instead of brights.  I also plan to use some embroideries in the center of the blocks.  It will be some time before I complete this since I have a priority project right now.  That is kind of what happened.  I have good intentions, but then other things come along that need to be done.  It doesn't really matter.  I sew slowly and enjoy it along the way.

Another project I started is a Quilt A Long from American Patchwork and Quilting.  You can find more info here.  You will find a list of all of the bloggers that are participating, including Bonnie.  The directions are featured in their April 2015 issue.  I didn't really need another project, but I loved that the quilt along only involved making four patches.  How much time would it really take me to sew some of those?!!!  Ok.  A little time.  I loved the quilts that were shown but decided that I would design my own.  So I have the center of my quilt figured out, but not the borders yet.  I decided that I could accomplish this by making the four patches using Bonnie's leader ender process.  You can also read about that on her blog under tips and techniques.  So that is what I am doing.  I need 65 four patches for my design and I now have 34 finished.  Love it!

My priority project is kind of hush, hush.  But I will share a sketch of it and can tell you that it involves 5" stars with some pretty small pieces, like 5/8" squares.  I will have to wait a few months to show you this project finished.

Well, I guess I had better get back to sewing!

Happy Sewing,

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  1. Busy, busy!

    Take time and smell the flowers! :)

    Happy Sewing!