Friday, September 15, 2017

Project Bags

I just finished making a project bag and a matching small pouch.  I saw on many knitting podcasts that they used these project bags for their knitting.  I really liked them and thought that they would be good for both knitting and sewing or whatever you can think of to use them for.

I like that you can fold it down, since it is a soft bag, and it makes it like a bucket and easier to have your yarn accessible to knit with.
I added a pocket to my lining in the large bag and decided to fully line the smaller pouch, with no raw seams exposed. (Yes, sometimes I get a little crazy 😁)  I didn't quite have enough fabric for the lining, so I added a little bit of the contrast fabric to make it work.

I quilted both bags using the serpentine stitch and did part grid and part straight lines on the larger bag and a full grid on the smaller pouch.  I like the look of this stitch, versus a straight stitch, since it adds some softness to the look.

I checked out many videos of how to's to make this on youtube and I really liked this one by Erica Arndt:
I did a few modifications to it for my use, but the basic technique is hers.

I think I may be making more of these in the future.

Happy Sewing,

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